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The following are the By-Laws of the club. They include the rules and regulations of the club.

The By-Laws can ONLY be changed and/or modified in January of each year. A two-thirds majority vote of the membership present at the January meeting is all that is needed to change a particular By-Law. Following this meeting only the Board of Directors (majority vote thereof) can make changes to the By-Laws.


It is the purpose of this organization to promote good fellowship, safe hunting practices, conservation, and to expand the sport of archery. All members will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner becoming of the Lebanon Area Bowhunters, Inc. Misconduct is classified as any act that is outside the law, especially those that apply to hunting and conservation. Misconduct also applies to cheating and causing trouble on the range that is non conductive to good fellowship, safe hunting practices, and conservation. The Board of Directors, as outlined in the constitution, has the obligation to dismiss any archer that is found to fall into this category of misconduct.


The annual membership fees are as follows:

Family Membership


Adult (individual)


Youth or Cub


The Board of Directors can change the amount of membership fees as the need arises. Each member must have their own membership application card.


The range fees for all archers on tournament days are:

Adult Member


(age 16 and above)

Youth Member


(age 11 to 15)

Cub Member


(up to age 10)

Adult Non-Member


Youth Non-Member


Cub Non-Member



The annual calendar for tournaments will be set by the Vice-President in the month of December for the upcoming year. These dates will be printed on the schedule (posters) and the pocket size schedule cards, and be available for distribution to the membership at the January meeting.


The Board of Directors will schedule the annual banquet each year for the month of September. This meeting is open to all members and their families. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class trophies will be awarded for the year at the Banquet.


Must shoot at least five tournaments as a member to qualify for year-end prizes.


The President will establish a committee to deal with the monthly newsletter. This newsletter will contain the minutes of the monthly meetings, the results of the latest tournament, and articles from the membership that are informative and relative to bowhunting and/or archery. This newsletter is available to members free, and to non-members for a fee of $1.25.


All Cubs shooting at a tournament will receive either a trophy or ribbon. No Cub will go home empty-handed. Cub trophies/ribbons will be awarded before any other trophy.


If anyone is found to be cheating on the range, the Officers will suspend the offender for a period of 1 year. If the same individual is found cheating again he/she will be suspended form membership and the use of the range for their lifetime.


If an archer cannot finish the tournament for any reason, (equipment, sickness, etc.) and he/she has shot less than 30 of 40 targets, the tournament score WILL NOT count toward his/her average, but the points can count towards the year end points total.

In order for an Archer to qualify for the year-end points total trophies, he/she must shoot seven tournaments in one class. In other words, and Archer cannot shoot four tournaments in Bowhunters Release and five in Open division and be eligible for any year-end points total for the purpose of qualifying for a trophy. The exception is in the Cubs division. For Cubs, there is no minimum number of shoots to qualify for year-end placements.


The scoring system will be 12 points for sweet spot, 10 points for a heart shot, 8 points for a kill, 5 points for a wound, and 0 points for a miss. Scoring will be done with the use of pencils. Any mistakes must be witnessed and signed by two members of that shooting group. The total at the bottom of the card will be done by a Club Official. Any tampered score card will be disqualified. A minimum of TWO archers per group and a maximum of FIVE archers per group.

A flighting system will be determined at each tournament according to how many shooters there are in each class. Example: Bowhunter Release Division, there are 30 shooters for that class; they will be split in groups of 10. Top 10 shooters will be in AA class, next 10 shooters will be in A class, and the next 10 will be in B class. First three in each class with receive trophies. This will not affect year end points, they will be handled the same way.

The following applies for all tournaments through the season with the exception of the Survival shoot.


ALL CLASSES must have a peak bow weight of 90 pounds and shoot field or bullet tip manufactured of one material of any weight, but CANNOT use blunt tips. Over draws are legal in all classes. There is no limit to the number of pins on the sights.

A compound, recurve or long bow with a movable sight, scope, or laser sight. Any length of stabilizer. Can use any weight of field point, bullet, or target point. Can use any type of release.

Open to anyone 55 years of age or older. Must be shot from their respective flag, etc. Can use any type of bow and equipment for this class.

A compound, recurve, or longbow with or without a sight. Must be shot with some type of release aid. Peep and kisser allowed. Must be fixed pins only. Stabilizer bars must not be longer than 12 inches extending form the edge of the bow riser, nearest the point of attachment.

A compound, recurve or longbow with or without sights. Movable sights can be used. Must be shot with a glove, finger tab, or bare fingers.

A compound, recurve or long bow with no sighting device. A rest is all that may reside within the sight window. There will be no markings on the bow or bowstring that could be construed as sighting marks. Must be shot with glove, finger tab, or bare fingers.

A recurve or long bow with NO sighting device. The serving must be all one color. One nock or finger guard is allowed. An arrow rest not to exceed ¼ inch from the shelf is allowed. NO stabilizer, NO silencer, NO peep sight, and NO kisser button allowed. NO markings on the bow or the bowstring that could be construed as sighting mark. Must be shot with glove, finger tab, or bare fingers.


  • Lime green--Men's Open, Men's Bowhunter, Senior and Limited
  • White--Women's Open, Women's Bowhunter and Youth 14-15 yrs
  • Yellow--Traditional and Youth 11-13 yrs
  • Blue--Cub 10 yrs and under

Officers have the privilege to shuffle scorecards and bust up shooting groups. All scores must be scored BEFORE ARROWS ARE PULLED. All ribbons to be set in realistic hunting situations with no excessive obstructions between flag and targets. Maximum yardage on targets will be 50 yards. TRADITIONAL maximum yardage will be 25 yards. WOMEN AND YOUTH maximum yardage will be 35 yards. CUB maximum yardage will be 15 yards.

The Stakes: The Archer must touch the stake, tree or other item that the flag is attached at the base with a portion of his/her body. The base is the point at which the object (tree, stake) touches the ground.

An arrow hitting on the line will count the higher score. If there are no body lines an arrow hitting body color is considered a wound. The horns, ears, hooves, and tail are considered a miss (a zero score). SHOOT THROUGHS MUST BE SHOT AGAIN. A GLANCE OFF is considered a wound (five points).


All problems on the Range should be brought to the attention of the Range Captains. If there are questions about the rules, ask an Officer of the Club.

No cameras or range finders are allowed on the course. No discussion of yardage until target has been scored. A time limit of 2 minutes per target is imposed.

Clickers, fine line type-sights, and movable sights (except pendulums) are permitted in all classes except BOWHUNTER RELEASE. Fixed pins are defined as pins, which are set at a predetermined distance. String walkers with marks on the string will be considered as aids. No marks on tabs, gloves or fingers. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR EQUIPMENT, ASK BEFORE YOU REGISTER AND START OUT ON THE RANGE.


This award is to honor ONE member of the LEBANON AREA BOWHUNTERS, INC. for outstanding services to the CLUB, MEMBERSHIP AND/OR THE BETTERMENT OF THE ASSOCIATION AS A WHOLE. All members are eligible. This member will receive a plaque and/or nameplate and /or certificate to be placed on the Club plaque (located at a public place via the directions of the Board of Directors). This member will be nominated and voted on by the Board of Directors. This vote will be announced at the Annual Banquet.


The Board of Directors have an option to vote in a lifetime member. This is to honor ONE member of the LEBANON AREA BOWHUNTERS, INC. for outstanding services to the club, not only for the present year but for years past. This member will be nominated and voted on by the Board of Directors. This member will have a lifetime membership with the club and will not pay dues for individual membership to shoots.

LIFETIME MEMBERS ARE Bunt Cumbea, Gene Pierce, Bruce Agee, Gary Brinkley and Paul Renner.


Must shoot at least 5 tournaments as a member to qualify for the hunting contests.

In the Big Buck contest the full hide must be attached to the head along with the tag from the Conservation Department. The date for measuring will be set at a later date.

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


Scoring will be at the January Meeting.